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Have you been a victim of phishing or ransomware? These attacks could impact your business adversely, affecting productivity. You need managed IT services for protection against common cybercrimes.

Jetty IT solutions offer security solutions to defend your business from attacks. Our IT specialists use different measures to protect your company's private data. 

Hardware Maintenance and Patching

At Jetty IT Solutions, we optimize your operating systems by checking your hardware drivers and installing their latest versions. Our IT experts go through your software programs and terminate any inactive programs. They clean up your disc space to allow more room for helpful programs.

Our team of professionals defragment your hard disks and improve your computer speed. This guarantees a stable computing experience and prevents significant data loss in adverse situations.

Jetty IT Solutions will conduct patch management to increase the security of your IT systems. Our experts identify known vulnerabilities and design mitigation strategies to promote safety in your systems.

Managed IT Services, Including Active Anti-Virus Software

We install active anti-virus software to scan, identify, and eliminate viruses in your system. At Jetty IT Solutions, we have the latest high-quality anti-virus software offering complete protection. Our managed services grant protection from URL threats, keyloggers, adware, phishing, and spam.

Secure Networking Infrastructure

Jetty IT Solutions concentrates on your infrastructure layout to limit potential intruders. Our team segments your security systems to create boundaries that filter broadcast traffic. We use hardware such as routers to create barriers that restrict traffic in case of attacks.

We create administrative privileges and only grant them to a few trusted users in your company. Our team then implements multifactor authentication to ascertain the legitimacy of users. This protects you from untrusted users that may pose a risk to your systems.

Our team installs firewalls to track and mitigate traffic through networks. We establish a firewall comprising both software and hardware resources. This serves as a buffer against any unauthorized access to your systems.

Continuous Monitoring of Vulnerabilities

Jetty IT Solutions automates monitoring your firm's security architecture. This helps to identify if you comply with your internal information security policies.

Our IT experts acknowledge the need for consistency in protecting your private data. We constantly test your internal controls to ensure they prevent cyber-attacks effectively. Our real-time automation technology detects your system's security risks or compliance issues.

We install intrusion detection systems to monitor, defend, and record potential destructive activities in your network. These systems provide an exhaustive report on any attacks and prepare response protocols.

Improve Your Cyber Security Today!

Any business will handle sensitive data about their products, processes and customers. You need proper security solutions to protect your firm from cyber attacks. At Jetty IT solutions, we offer managed services to defend your business against cybercriminals.

We conduct hardware maintenance, patching, and installing active anti-virus software to monitor and prevent cyber-attacks on your systems. Our IT experts set up real-time intrusion detection systems to record and defend against potential attacks. Contact us for your cyber security needs.

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